Learn how companies like Deliveroo and Airbnb scaled growth exponentially, right from the people that made it happen.

The Fount offers an unparalleled masterclass in scaling your business.



Growth Masterclasses

The Fount is a selective 6-week part time program instructed by distinguished Growth practitioners from DeliverooAirbnb, PerkboxWealthsimple and more. Each week consists of one two-hour evening seminar, with some home study. 

The program is designed for professionals in Marketing, Data, Engineering and Product. It explores actionable growth processes and frameworks to help you determine a formulaic and sustainable growth model for your company. It is suitable for both B2C and B2B, however the material does not entirely explore enterprise models.

You can expect to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the complete growth marketing funnel, be inspired by real stories and examples and build meaningful relationships with other top growth marketers. 

Applications open for FEBRUARY 2019

Give your product the best chance of success


The Fount program connects attendees with Growth Marketers who are leaders in their field. Each guest instructor has been carefully selected to give an unmatched insight into their particular growth specialism, right from the front line of high-growth companies. Each participant can expect to;

Be inspired by real stories

You'll learn from leaders at the top of their game, and be inspired to try new initiatives at your own company.

Gain comprehensive knowledge

Over the six weeks, we'll fully explore the Growth Marketing funnel, leaving no stone unturned.

Take away actionable insIghts

The course material is designed to give you insights that are repeatable and actionable, so you can put them into place at your company.

Take a growth mindset back to your company

Growth touches most areas of a scale-up company. You'll learn how to fully instil a growth mindset at your company, and how to gain buy-in from key stakeholders for new initiatives.

Build relationships with other top practitioners

You'll build a network with other Growth experts from top-tier startups that will be valuable far beyond the program itself.


Take back learnings to your company with resounding confidence and invest in your own career development.

Receive Long-Lasting Support

Once the program finishes, each attendee is enrolled into our private Alumni group, where you can receive further support from both your fellow attendees and instructors, who act in a mentorship role for many previous participants.

Program Outline



Week one

Growth fundamentals

Instructed by Jake Higgins, Head of Growth @ Forward Partners

Your growth model is the initiative that forms your product's growth strategy. It describes how you grow end-to-end in predictable and sustained manner.

You will learn how to construct a growth model for your product, how to use it form the foundation of your strategy, and how to use it to identify and prioritise traction channels.

Week two

Building a disruptive brand

Instructed by Chieu Cao, CMO @ Perkbox

Discover how Perkbox gained immense traction though disruptive branding, and the frameworks they put in place to quickly uncover their own USPs against customer pain-points.

You'll learn how to look at your product from the perspective of your potential customers, and how to maximise early growth opportunities.

Week three


Instructed by Dennis Volkmann, Growth @ Airbnb, Depop

In this session you'll find out how Airbnb rapidly gained market share in international markets through user segmentation and deeply understanding user psychology.

We'll also look at obtaining stakeholder buy-in through strategic reporting structures.

Week four

Referral strategies

Instructed by Felix Hamer, Head of Growth @ Fat Lama

Find out how Fat Lama are driving 40% MoM growth using industry-defining referral techniques.

We'll look at the psychology behind sharing and recommendations, how to test referral structures, and construct a monetisation strategy that enables business growth. 

Week five

Retention strategies

Instructed by Sam Power, Head of Growth @ WealthSimple

Understanding retention for your product and customers is crucial to growth. We'll take a look at how to interrogate retention components, common mistakes and assumptions and how retention affects the other elements of the growth funnel, through the lens of both qualitative and quantitative frameworks. 

Sam Power leads on growth for WealthSimple, one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in the world.

Week SIX


Instructed by Dr. Vince Darley, VP of Growth @ Deliveroo

Understanding the role data plays in every aspect of the Growth Marketing funnel is critical to traction. You'll learn how to systematically approach problems, understand and prioritise what data you need, how to break it apart, and construct decisions into further cohort and correlation analysis.

You'll also learn how communicate insight to your wider team and gain stakeholder buy in for new Growth-based initiatives. 

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Where is the course held?

Farringdon, London, UK.

How many applicants are invited?

We keep each cohort small (around 25 delegates) to ensure everyone is able to ask questions and the seminars are effective as possible.

How are successful applicants chosen?

Applications are based on your experience and the stage of your company. We want to ensure that you get the most out of the program, which is dependent on having a strong level of understanding of Growth marketing techniques.

What level is the course material?

The course material is advanced. It assumes knowledge and/or practise of fundamental Growth practices such as A/B testing/SEO/Email etc. The material focuses on bringing together every element of the Growth Marketing funnel in an actionable and structured, repeatable form. 

What is the time commitment?

Each weekly evening seminar will last two hours, inclusive of 30 minutes to explore questions. We recommend allowing a further three hours a week for home study.

What will be the cost of the program?

The price is £2,495 + VAT for an individual seat. We currently do not offer discounts or scholarships. The price includes access to all of the seminars and material.

What happens if I can no longer make the course?

Refunds are available up until the course starts. Please notify hello@thefount.io with as much notice as possible should you wish to withdraw from the course so we can offer your seat to another applicant.

Will I get access to the course material once the program has been completed?

Yes, the material will be available to participants exclusively once each seminar has been completed, accessed via an online portal.

Who will lead the events?

Each seminar is guest lectured by an expert in the specific field of the subject matter. You can see a full program breakdown in the Program Outline.